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What is Google AdSense and How does it Work?

What is Google Adsense, How Google Adsense works and how can we Earn Money Online from Google Adsense? Many peoples know about it but still many people want to know about it. When we do blogging then most people have the motive of how to earn money. Making money online is not a big deal. Everyone can earn money from internet, but you will have to work hard for that. No one has got anything without hard work. You must be serious about your work.If you do not have the right information about Google Adsense then you are in the right place.

What is the Google AdSense?

AdSense is an advertising program that shows ads on the publisher’s website or blog. Most bloggers depend on it. If your blog or website is approved by AdSense, then you can place ads on your blog or website. With this, you can earn money in two ways.

Impressions: It gives money to the number of times your ads are viewed each day. You can assume that it gives $ 1 in every 1,000 views.

Clicks: It depends on how many clicks were received on your ads.

After your account is approved in AdSense, you can place ads on your website, and you can decide where they will appear on your blog. When visitors visit your blog and view ads and click on them, then your earnings will increase. Once it’s $ 100, you can transfer it from check or direct to your bank account.

Not just on the blog or website, it also works on YouTube. People mostly like to watch a good video, and that’s why YouTube is the 3rd best website in the world. You will notice that you see some advertisements while watching videos on YouTube. these are nothing more, that is Google Adsense ads.

If there are no visitors to your blog then there is no benefit to add AdSense ads. This does not mean that if you have fewer visitors then Adsense will not approve your account. It is an advertising network¬†and it does not depend on that how much daily visitor visits on your website. That’s why it is very popular in the blogging world.

How does Google Adsense be Works?

Those who place ads on their site are called publishers and whose ads are visible to us on the website. They are advertisers. Suppose your blog is showing ads for Airtel, which means Airtel is an advertiser.

If you want to show ads to a company on your site, then it is not possible that you can talk directly with that company. In such a situation, how many companies will you talk to? That’s why Google started a product under the name AdWords, through which anyone who wants to promote their product or company. They can register through this and can also add their ads.

Publishers Make Money Online Through Website Monetization. Publishers monetize Adsense advertising on their website and earn money for visiting and clicking on ads by visitors. Now who has a website or Youtube channel, they advertise on their Site and Youtube Video through Google Adsense. In this way, traffic goes to their site, who gave money to Google for advertising.

Google takes 32% of the amount of money that belongs to Ad, and rest of 68% is given to the publisher whose site showed the ad.

All companies or products have keywords that people search on Google. If your website contains a keyword for a product, then your website will show an ad related to the same keyword. If you have written a blog about a smartphone, then Adsense will show ads related to smartphones on your blog. All these ads are related to companies that have posted keywords related to their products in Google AdWords.

When to Apply for Adsense Account

Creating an Adsense account is not easy like creating a simple account. we should have some content for which they approve our Adsense account. Now it can either be a Youtube channel or a website.

When we Apply to Adsense for Website:

Google Adsense Account Approval Process is very tough. If you have a website then, first of all, let’s should have good content, great design, and great navigation so that anyone can run it well. After that, it is important to have some visitor so that the site can be reviewed quickly and the account is quickly approved.

When we Apply to Adsense for Youtube:

On YouTube in the past, you can apply for Adsense immediately after making the channel. But now you can apply only when there is a total of 10,000+ views on your channel. Only then can you connect with AdSense.

How to Get Money from Google Adsense

Google Adsense sends payments on the 21st of every month and the minimum payment is $ 100 if your earning is less than 100$, then that earning will be added in next month earning.To get Adsense Payment, we first need to have Adsense Account Verify. For Adsense account verification, a letter is sent to your address after having 10$ income in your Adsense. The letter contains code. That code is to be inserted into the Adsense account. This way our address becomes verify in Adsense account.

After the account Verify, we get an option, in which we have to enter the details of our bank. After that, money is transferred on the 21st of every month, if they are $ 100 + then.

Last Word:

Now you know what is Google Adsense, how to join it and how it is earning and how we get it.

If you have any questions about Adsense then you can ask by commenting and do not forget to tell you this information.

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