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How to Make Money on Youtube

How to Make Money on Youtube: Friends, today is the most searched question on Google that “how to earn money online from the internet .” Many people want to earn money online but they think that all this is fraud, there is no work at home sitting, And if it does work then do not know whether to pay or not, etc. Many of these types of questions will also come to your mind. But friends do not do anything like that. If you work with honesty and hard work, then you can really earn money online without any investment and easily.

People have 2 biggest questions in Online Money Making. First, if we can really earn money from online, then “how to earn” and another “how much we can earn”. Friends, the answer to the first question is that there are more than 10 ways in which we can earn money online.

There are many ways like Blogging, Youtube, Affiliate Marketing, Freelancing, Direct Advertising, eBook Selling, but if we talk about Best 2, Blogging and Youtube will come.

If we talk about another question, then many people do not earn anything by working for many months and many people are earning up to Rs 10,000 to Rs 1 lakh per month. There are many such videos whose uploaders have earned millions of rupees from the one video. Do you remember the song “Why This Kolaveri Di”, this single song has so far earned more than 50 million from Youtube and still doing earning. Similarly, a video is “Charlie bit my Finger” which has earned over 100 million on Youtube. The most important thing in Online Earning is that you have to be patient. If you do not get success in the beginning, then do not be disappointed and continue to do your work with full dedication.

Whether you are an Expert on the Internet or a newcomer. You will get complete information about how “How to earn money from Youtube” through this article.

What is Youtube and how does it work?

Before knowing how to make money on Youtube we should know what is Youtube. So, friends, Youtube is the world’s second-largest video sharing platform on the Internet. In every minute 300 hours of video uploaded on youtube and 800 million unique users watch videos on YouTube each month.

As you know, Youtube is also another product of Google. Anyone here can upload their own video which can be searched by people and see them. You have also used Youtube and about 90% of people are such that which access Youtube every day. When you play a video, an ad appears on it before the video plays. Which can be skipped after 5 seconds and even after watching a video, some advertisements are still visible. This is the one through which you can earn money. So let us know how to earn money by uploading Video on Youtube.

Way To Earn Money From Youtube

Friends, if you have any unique talent, or if there is any information that can be useful to other people, then you can share it on Youtube by making a video of that information. With this, you can become Famous but at the same time, you can earn money from your creative too. You can create a video on any topic that comes out well or In which you are a good specialist like – Some Tips, Teaching Yoga and Exercising Ways, Rating to Mobiles and Gadget, Movie Reviews, Reviews on Different places you visited, Singing, Dancing, Teaching, Beauty Parlor, Cooking, etc. Any kind of videos which people like. To make money from YouTube, you have to make High-Quality Video which people like and watch again and again. After that, that video has to be monetized in Advertising Networks. After that Traffic / Views will start coming to Youtube Video Channel. Then after that, you will start making money.

Friends, today I will tell you the complete process of earning money from Youtube through this post. Which I have divided into total 4 steps:-

Step 1: Creating your YouTube channel and uploading videos to YouTube

  1. First you have to create an account on Youtube, if you have a Gmail account already, you do not need to create a new account, because Youtube is also a service from Google and all of Google’s services like Google, Gmail, Youtube, Google Drive, Google Adsense, Google Adwords, Google Plus, Google Analytics, Play Store, etc. can be managed from a single Gmail account. If you still do not have a Gmail account, you can create one by visiting here.
  2. After that, you open your account by logging in to Youtube.
  3. After that, you create your own original video, which can you upload to Youtube. Whatever video you create should be 100% of you, that means your video should be absolutely unique.
  4. After all, upload your Video to Youtube. For this, you go to the option of Upload in Right Corner of your Youtube Account and select your Video.
  5. After uploading the video, give it a nice title, write a Description of 300-400 words about the Video, Insert Video related Keywords in the tag field and Published it. After this, your video will start watching by people.
  6. Similarly, make your videos regularly and upload them. Then comes the second step of monetizing, By which you will earn money.

Step 2: Monetizing video on YouTube means linking to ads

There are many options available to earn money from Youtube. I will tell you about the 2 most important “Google AdSense” and “Affiliate Marketing” through this article.

1. Google AdSense:

  1. It is the best method available to earn money on Youtube, first of all, you have to log in to Youtube. Then click on the My Channel option below the Youtube logo.
  2. Now, just below the Search Bar will be the option of Video Manager, click on it, this will open your Video Manager from which you will be able to manage all your videos. Now click on the Channel option on the right-hand side.
  3. When you see the option of Monetisation in front, enable it. After this, a pop-up window will open, which you have to follow step-by-step.
  4. Now as soon as you complete all the steps, you will be back in the Video Manager. There you will see that the video you have uploaded, a $ sign have come in front of them, which means that your channel has been monetized.

  5. Now you have to monetize each video, for this which video you want to monetize, select it from the checkbox and right click on Action. There you will find the option to Monetize, select them. Now your all Videos will have Monetized and a $ sign will appear in front of everyone.
  6. You have to link your AdSense Account to Youtube, For this, you have click on Monetization in the Channel Tab. Now click on “How will I be paid?” Then click on “Link to associate an AdSense account” that will appear. (AdSense Account is actually the account from which you manage your ads and all the information about how much money you have earned)
  7. Now if your AdSense account is already created, it will become Associate with it or else you will ask to follow some steps. First, click on Next> Then click on Sign in> Then click on Save and Continue> Now get a form that you have to fill and submit. This way your AdSense account will be linked to Youtube.

2. Affiliate Marketing & CPA :

  1. Friends, nowadays there are many websites that run their own affiliate program such as Clickbank, Silicon house, CJ, Amazon, Flipkart etc. So you have to first go to a good affiliate network and register for it.
  2. After that, you have to generate a link to your Affiliate Product.
  3. Now you have to make a Promotional Video for that product, then upload that Video to Youtube.
  4. Now you have to put your affiliate link in the description of Youtube. So that people can see that product in the video and be impressed. After that, buy that product through that link.
  5. Whenever a user purchases that product through that link or takes any action like a signup, then you will earn money from it.

Step 3 – Increase Traffic / Views of Video (SEO)

Friends, everything goes smoothly so far. The real hard work now starts that how will people know about your video and how to more people will come to watch your video. To increase the Traffic / Views of your Video, you have to do SEO (Search Engine Optimization). For this, at the beginning, send your videos to your friends in your Blog, Website, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, E-mail or any other way, your friends will see your video by clicking on your link And gradually the views on this video will start to grow. Chat with your visitors through comments and answer their comments. If possible, create videos directly related to their questions sometimes. This will make people feel connected to you and more visitors will come to your channel.

Step 4 – How will the money come from YouTube to your account?

This is the most popular and common question of all the readers: Whatever money we earn online from Video or Blogging, how will it come to our account? Friends, it is very easy and there is no risk or fraud. Right now we have seen how much money we earn from Youtube or Blogging. It comes into our AdSense account every month. Now you have to put Bank Account details on AdSense means Your Bank Account is linked to your AdSense Account which is approved by Google which takes 2 to 7 days. After this, the money will be automatically transferred to your bank account every month.

So, friends, this post was “About Making Money From Youtube”. If you have any questions related to this post or have not understood anything then you can comment and ask me.

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