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Plagiarism Checker: How to Check Plagiarism on Your website

Plagiarism Check: You wrote something and you want someone to check it out and tell that it is not being matched with anybody’s content. You will surely want that your content should be unique. For this, you will send the content to someone for the checkup and wait for the result. But you can take advantage of the digital world to do this work in a few seconds. Yes, you can use the plagiarism tool. Using the plagiarism tool, you can find out how many percents of your content is unique and how many percents is the duplicate.

How To Check Plagiarism on your Website

This tool is being used in very large quantities nowadays such as field of studies, medical, electronic, any kind of reporting and computer fields. Copyscape is an online service that provides us to tell who is copying your blog post content.

How To Use Copyscape To Detect Plagiarism:

Copyscape offers to you a free version and premium version. You can try your free version to start. If necessary you can always try the premium version of Copyscape.

Go to the Copyscape homepage and type in your blog address and click the GO button to see the results.



After clicking on Go button, you will see results from the page that has copied a post from your blog

In result, Now try to find hosting and other details to report websites that copy content from your blog

Once you’ve found out that which all websites/blogs are copying content from your blog or site. Next task is to report on web hosting, blogging companies and it should be removed from Google search. Generally, I do not pay any attention to anything other than removing it.


Copyscape also provides you with the ability to add Copyscape banner on your website that warns potential plagiarists against stealing your content


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