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Blogger Vs WordPress-Which Blogging Platform to be Choose?

Blogger Vs WordPress: There are lots of platforms for blogging, where you can easily write your blog. But the question arises is that Which of the platforms of Blogger and WordPress is better for blogging? Many bloggers are using Blogspot to blogging and then they are transferred to WordPress. This does not mean that Blogspot is not good. There are still many popular blogs on the Blogspot Platform.

WordPress vs blogger: which one is better

WordPress has 2 versions; One is wordpress.com and another is wordpress.org. One is self-hosted and for the second you need to get the hosting. We will talk about self-hosted WordPress blog in this post. So let’s start, which blogging platform is better; Blogger or WordPress

1. Ownership: Blogger Vs WordPress

Blogger was made by a company called Pyra Labs and it was bought by Google in 2003. Now blogger.com or blogspot.com is Google’s property. All its scripts and data are stored on Google’s server and you can not access its server. If you have a Google Account, you can easily open your blog. You can create 100 blogs with one account. Your all data are saved on google server, it means Google can delete your account any time when they want and you can not even make a claim for it.

In self-hosted WP, you have to install WordPress software on a hosting. You can run it whenever you want, and you can turn it off whenever you want. You will have your data, which you can transfer later to another hosting.

2. Look: Blogger Vs WordPress

I’m talking about Template design that you can change on WordPress. but if we Talking about Blogspot, there is a very little official template. There are a number of non-official websites which provide a free and premium version template for blogger, but they come with very low quality. By using them you and your users will not be feeling a premium.

There are so many free and premium templates available for the WordPress blog or website. For Your blog or your company’s website, you will get a better design theme. By using which you can give better look to your blog as you think. And switching to WordPress themes is easier than Blogspot.

3. Control: Blogger Vs WordPress

Blogger has a simple management system for every blog, so you can easily manage your blog. But if you want to add some extra to your blogs then it is not possible. Whatever options are given in it, you will have to work from that.

WordPress is an open source software. It means that you can modify it as you want, and you can add features to whatever you like. If you want to create a website for your company, you can easily create it through WordPress. WordPress.org has many plugins, which gives new features to your blogs. By plugging it, you can change a lot without touching your code on your blog.

4. Security: Blogger Vs WordPress

Google is the most popular website in the world and the blogger platform is hosted on its server. If you create your blog in Blogspot, then you will get the security of Google’s strong security. It means, Nobody will easily hack your blog and Google can manage it easily as much as you like. This means that your blog will never be slow for more visitors.

WordPress is also very safe, but not like Blogger. Here you’ll have to take care of its security by own. If you are hosting a limited resource, then it will not be able to handle more visitors. You have to buy a powerful server for that. There are lots of WordPress plugins that protect your blog from hackers and also help keep your blog secure.

5. Storage Space: Blogger Vs WordPress

In Blogger, Google gives you 1GB of space, you have to store all in this space. But you can easily add it to your Google+ account so that space will be more. on the other hand, you get hosting in WordPress, which costs $ 3.95 / month, and you get the domain and you can use the space as much as you want.

6. Updates: Blogger Vs WordPress

The Blogger platform is far behind in adding new features and getting a new update. Sometimes It adds new features, but that is equal to none. Google has shut down many of its products in the last few years, so there is no guarantee that Blogger will not be locked in the future.

Because WordPress is an open source software, it does not depend on any company or developer. Its update is coming many times a year. If you want, you can also modify and update it for your company according to your own. In Blogger vs WordPress, many of the world’s companies are depended above WordPress.

7. SEO (search engine optimization): Blogger Vs WordPress

Blogger has already got a little better In case of SEO. But it not enough to fulfill all your needs.

WordPress is SEO friendly and has many free and premium plugins, which makes your blog better.

SEO has become very important in today’s times, which helps to increase the Traffic of Blog / Website and make it search engine friendly. Blogger is very far from WordPress in terms of SEO, although there has been some change in SEO of blogger in the past few years, that is not enough, while there are many plugins in WordPress that can improve your blog’s SEO and can also change.

In terms of SEO, WordPress is the best as comparing by blogger.

Which one is better: Blogger or WordPress

In all the above points you may have known what you will get and what is not. I am using WP myself in this, I do not mean to take her side. Both platforms are right in your place. But you have to decide what is right for you.

I was started my first blog on Blogspot and later I was shifted to WordPress. If you do not have any information about blogging, nor do you know how blogging is done. So the Blogspot(Blogger) is right for you. You do not have to spend a single money on it. In Blogger vs WordPress, I think WordPress is the best for the blog. But if you are new to blogging and want to learn about blogging, then Blogger’s platform is right for you.

Hope you like this post and will also help you choose the right blogging platform. If you have any doubts or need some information then you can ask me.

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